Service: Repair + Maintenance


Flat Roof Repairs

If you have a roof that is outside of it’s warranty we’re here to help with one time repairs to help your building stay dry.


Roof Leaks

Notice water in places that water shouldn’t be? Signs of a roof leak can include water stains on ceiling tiles, puddles of water on the floor, rust, mold or mildew in areas with high moisture. 


Preventative Maintenance

Roof warranties are often voided when the roof is not being maintained. Let us help you by ensuring your investment doesn’t go to waste with our preventative roof maintenance programs.

Honesty and Transparency.

Just because your roof is leaking doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced here are the steps we will take when we arrive on site.


Once we arrive on-site, we will meet with an on-site contact to assess any signs of roof leaks on the interior. Signs of roof leaks can look like water stains on ceiling tiles, puddles of water on the floor, rust, mold, or mildew in areas of high moisture. After assessing the interior, we will take our observations up to the roof. Once on the roof, we assess areas that could be the source of the problem. Any penetrations, seams, flashings, etc. are examined for any deficiencies. Other means of discovery can include water testing to help duplicate the leak.

Our Findings

Our team is ready to give you a detailed report on our discovery findings so that you can review and schedule your roof repair or we can repair any assessed roof issues and invoice you once the job is done. Either way once the job is complete, we provide a full photo report showing the repair has been completed.

Follow Up

After a rain, expect to get a follow up call from the WxTite Service team to see how that roof repair is holding up. We will also stay in touch and remind you about important upcoming maintenance reminders to keep your roof in the best shape possible.

Meet Sarah Willis

Service Department Manager

“Roof repairs can be done by anyone, but what truly distinguishes us is our exceptional client service.”

With over 150 roofing projects under her belt, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With the WxT service team you can have peace of mind knowing your repair has been done right. 

Contact Us

Our service department is here for you. Fill out the contact form below and someone from our team will reach out today! 

Determine the best course of action

Consider us your one-stop shop when it comes to your roof. We are here to educate, not sell. If you need us to buy you time on your replacement, we can put together a roof repair plan. If you would prefer a full roof replacement, we can get our team to price out some options for you.

Trust your repair has been completed correctly

We have the training and experience to give you the best possible roof repair plan. We are your certified roof repair experts for the installation of: DuroLast, Elevate, FiberTite, GAF, IB Roofing, Versico

“Switching to WxTite as my full-service roofing subcontractor has been one of the best project management decisions I’ve made. They always accommodate our needs, are extremely knowledgeable about roofing and are an integral of my projects! I’m grateful to have them on my team.”

Dominic M. Group Manager,
Environmental Dept, TERRACON

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